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May 30th '23--And We Are On Our Way!

Jason, Nancy, and Radar departed around 2 pm on Tuesday, May 30th. Sydney, their 22 year old daughter on summer break from George Mason, decided to join them for the first week up to New York City. Jason's sister Dianne, came to see us off and take some photos. We put the Great Loop flag on the bow of our boat to let other boaters know we were loopers.

Time & Tide ended up on land at Port Annapolis for a week, getting her right prop and a trim tab fixed (see Dismal Swamp, VA entry), as well as some other maintenance issues addressed. The three days we had to load all our clothes for a year and provision the boat flew by, leaving Jason and Nancy exhausted.

It was a nice day with winds 5-10 kts. We had planned to fuel up at usual marina on the South River, only to find out that their pumps were not operating currently. Since we had a late start, the marinas on the top of the Bay would be closed by the time we got there, so we decided to stop in Rock Hall for fuel. Turns out that the fuel dock was way back in the corner, barely leaving room to pivot the boat and deal with the breeze wanted to catch the bow. We made it in to the narrow slip without touching a pole! Well done, Jason.

We spent the night up on the Bohemian River, arriving around 7 pm. Nancy took Radar by dinghy to a nice beach below an eroding bluff. A bald eagle flew by on their way there. Radar tried to eat some goose feathers and needed to have them taken away. The sky lit up in an array of pinks and purples as the sunset. We had a celebratory toast to the start of our voyage and dined on hotdogs and leftover takeout. So we have 30 miles done, only 5,970 more to go!


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