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April 4 -6 Fernandina Beach, Fl to Wrightsville Beach, NC

Fernandina Beach, Fl to Hilton Head, SC to Georgetown, SC to Wrightsville Beach, NC

April 4: We finally had light wind from the south, so we departed Fernandina Beach and jumped offshore to Hilton Head. It was filled with families on spring break. There was a beautiful wooden boat with even the hull varnished that Jason declared must be a wrap because the wood was so perfect, but no the local yacht club maintains it. There was also a beautiful yacht that reminded Jason of his grandfather's. Radar was a huge hit with all the tourists. There was one special needs teenager who particularly liked Radar. Turns out their family just moved from Howard County, MD to South Carolina. We had a really great dinner at Quarter Deck restaurant.

April 5th: Had another ocean day heading to Georgetown, SC. Made it 130 miles. Nancy worked for 5 hours. Georgetown reminded us of Oxford, MD just slightly larger. We had planned to anchor, but there was little room in the narrow harbor. When we pulled into the fuel dock, they allowed us to stay for the night at the dock.

This lighthouse was about a quarter mile inside the inlet to Georgetown out on a large swath of conserved land. We nicknamed it the lonely lighthouse.

April 6th. Another day at sea, only 100 nm today but it felt long. Originally going to Southport, but they hadn't taken our credit card for our slip reservation, so we pushed on around Cape Fear, through the Frying Pan Shoals. GPS routed us across the sand bar through a bunch of exposed shipwrecks, so we decided err on the side of caution and went out another mile or so, crossing at 4 mile slue instead. Wrightsville Beach has plenty of medium sized fishing boats of all makes and models. Had a nice dinner at Blue Water Grill.

This was our track based on our cell phone data from Stuart, Fl to Wrightsville Beach, NC.


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