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Invitation for Lake Michigan

Hello everyone,

We heard that people wanted to join us but not necessarily for an entire week. Lake Michigan is a perfect place to fly in for a long weekend or just a few days. Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Michigan City, and South Bend all have direct flights from Washington.

The East Side of Lake Michigan is full of quaint towns and endless beaches. Below is our projected schedule and some photos of what we will see along the way. We are basically just going down the east coast of Lake Michigan jumping 30-40 miles a day (4-5 hour runs) from town to town. It might be nice to join us for a few days and then rent a car and explore some on your own. If you are interested, please call Nancy at 703-864-9670 to discuss the different possibilities.

We plan to be in Uber reach of:

Traverse City from Tues. Sept. 5 to Sat. 9th (Charlevoix to Ludington)

Grand Rapids Sun 10th to 14th (Muskgeon to South Haven)

Michigan City 15-17 (South Haven to Whiting)

The next opportunity will be from Chicago down to St. Louis where there are several airports along the way. That will be while the leaves are turning from Oct.6 through Oct. 20.


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